Practice Management

Mags Gilroy (f)

 Practice Manager

Emma Allchurch (f)

Assistant Practice Manager


Jayne Bevan (f)
Karla Mattey (f)
Suzanne Henson (f)
Hayley James (f)
Sarah Rosser (f)
Karen Rees (f)
Astra Gilroy (f)


Our Receptionists have the difficult task of trying to keep Doctors and patients happy. Their duties and responsibilities keep them busy, often behind the scenes providing an efficient service. It is a legal requirement that confidentiality of patients' records is maintained at the highest level by all staff. Please be patient with the staff and help them to help you - remember, they are often following instructions from the Doctor.
Michelle Rees (f)

Reception Manager

Debbie Parry (f)

Assistant Reception Manager

Emma Burgess (f)
Susan Simpson (f)
Mim Penry (f)
Joanne Barnett (f)
Ashleigh Pritchard (f)
Aimee Davies (f)
Helen Mudie (f)
Sara Roberts (f)
Emma James (f)
Liam Gilroy-Taylor (m)
Delyth Morgan (f)
Emma Harris (f)
Susan Morris (f)
Sadia Chowdhury (f)
Janet Perrin (f)