Cryotherapy Clinic

With Dr Sam Snelling by appointment, Thursday AM at Killay Surgery

Flu Vaccination Clinics

These are available each autumn for people over 50 and those with certain medical conditions such as chronic (long-term) chest problems, diabetes and heart disease.

Joint Injections

There are doctors in the practice able to provide more specialist care. After routine assessment, if appropriate, the doctor can offer joint injections to relieve discomfort.

Family Planning Advice

All the Doctors and Nurses will be pleased to offer free advice on any aspect of family planning including contraception and fertility counselling.

Learning Difficulties

Your voice advocacy members have produced a short video explaining what people with learning disabilities can expect at their annual health check.  This gives some examples of some of the things that might happen, having your tummy felt, your breasts or testicles checked and your weight and height measured. 

 The video also gives examples of some of the questions that might be asked and acknowledges how people might feel scared or anxious about having the health check.  This is a really important video which should break down some of the barriers experienced by people with learning disabilities in experiencing health care and the aim is to improve uptake of the health check and reduce health inequalities.

Minor Operations

The Doctors carry out minor surgery in our well-equipped treatment room. Such surgery includes the removal of cysts and warts and is usually arranged in consultation with either Dr Johns or Dr Snelling. There is often a waiting list for this service so please contact the Killay branch for any further information.

Non-NHS Work

Insurance, pre-employment, driving and other medicals, private certificates, passports, insurance claims etc - please arrange via the Receptionist. Your Doctor will be pleased to perform these services for you, but as the NHS does NOT cover them you will be charged a fee that is recommended by the BMA. PLEASE BE PREPARED TO PAY AT THE TIME; a list of fees is displayed in the waiting room, or the Receptionist will advise you of the cost when you telephone for an appointment. The company concerned pays for life insurance medicals and most pre-employment medicals. Patient Charges for Non NHS work

Smoking Cessation Service

We now hold a Smoking Cessation Service from Sketty surgery on Wednesdays 12-2pm.  Run by a Stop Smoking Wales counsellor, covering behavioural therapy and offering Nicotine replacement therapies to help you quit.  Also offering lung function and Carbon Monoxide testing. Please contact Sketty surgery on 206862.

You can also register direct with stop smoking wales 0800 085 2219