How Do I Make An Appointment?

You can make an appointment with the Doctor or Nurse by phoning the Medical Centres or use the 'Ask my GP' service in the mornings:

  • Sketty: 01792 206862  
  • Killay: 01792 201181

Lines are open from 8.15AM until 6PM.  

We will do our best to give you an appointment with the Doctor of your choice.

Please remember that appointments are for ONE person only. If you feel your consultation may be lengthy, ask the Receptionist for a DOUBLE APPOINTMENT when you book.

Urgent Appointments

If you need immediate treatment for a condition you feel needs urgent attention, telephone the Medical Centre. It is practice policy that any patient needing to see a Doctor will be seen at the end of morning surgery and evening surgeries if necessary. There is a "calls and triage" Doctor available to take your calls from 9.00 to 10.30am each morning. When you telephone you will either be given advice over the phone, or be asked to come to the Medical Centre to be seen.

Dial 999.

We have an on-call GP that works from 8:15AM to 6:30PM, Monday to Friday and is contactable via calling either Sketty or Killay practice. Please note this is for EMERGENCIES OR HOUSE CALLS ONLY.

Home Visits

Requests for home visits should be made when the patient is too ill to attend the surgery. Every effort should be made to attend the Medical Centre where you will be seen more quickly than waiting for a home visit.

The home visits by the doctor are for medical reasons only, for patients who are terminally ill or truly bed-bound patients for whom travel to our Centre would cause deterioration in their condition.

If you do need a home visit, try to phone before 10.30am. You should tell the Receptionist what the problem is so that we can assess how urgent the visit is. The triage Doctor will want to speak to you to decide what is the best option - seeing the Nurse, seeing the Doctor, or going to hospital.