Bay Health Collaborative Network

Bay Health Collaborative

The Mumbles Medical Practice work with other practices in the same geographic as part of the Bay Health Collaborative Network.

Bay Health is made up of eight general practices working together with partners from social services, the voluntary sector, and the ABMU health board, with practice populations ranging from 3,726 to 21,496, amounting to a network total of 74,446.

The Practices’ through a co-operative approach will use specialist skills and shared resources to improve health and education across the locality. The Bay Health network meet on a regular basis to discuss opportunities and plan services within the community. The objective of Collaborative Networks are to:

  • Focus on preventing ill health, enabling people to keep themselves well and independent for as long as possible
  • Develop the range and quality of services that are provided in the community
  • Ensure services provided by a wide range of health and social care professionals in the community are better co-ordinated to local need
  • Improve communication and information sharing between different health, social care and voluntary sector professionals
  • Facilitate closer working between community based and hospital services, ensuring that patients receive a smooth and safe transition from hospital services to community based services and vice versa.

The Network Action Plan provides information on developments the Network have been involved with. Please click on link below which will take you to the action plan.

Bay Health Cluster Integrated Medium Term Plan

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